Whole lotta Gavin this week!


      • Gavin found his Jake & the Neverland Pirates stuff this week and had something on pretty much every day. Here he is peeking out behind his headband.
      • Go Huskies! Wearing Husky colors for game day.
      • Carter wanted to cut out leaves and apples, so I found an apple cookie/pie cutter and let him go to town.
      • We got into a REALLY bad sleep pattern with Carter, so I decided to try something creative. These are the boys sleep charts – they get to put a sticker on it in the morning if the take a bath, brush their teeth, put their PJs on, get two stories, and then QUIETLY lay in bed (and stay in bed) until they fall asleep. They then earn $5 for every seven days they are able to do this. BEST IDEA EVER. We have had zero problems with Carter since starting this and Gavin only had one night where he kept getting out of bed. Our evenings are once again peaceful.
      • And the Jake headband is back on for the whole night…
      • And then I had to wear the other Jake headband (photo cred goes to my mom)
      • And then we have the Jake roller skates and knee pads … now he just like wearing the knee pads around the house.


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