Not quite sure how we are nearing the end of January. Seems like we just rang in the new year!

      Video Games are earned by listening and behaving well. Gavin lost his video games one day because he wouldn’t listen. Instead of playing, he tormented his older brother by looking over his shoulder at what he was doing.

      Foggy mornings and nice afternoons mean it is always a good time to swing on the swing.

      My brother Scott stopped by to borrow a book and show off his new KTM motorcycle. Of course the boys had to sit on it! Sadly it was pretty much dark out when they did, so here is a shot of them with Uncle Scott and not much of the bike shown.

      Movie Night! We let the boys watch Star Wars: Episode 1 and Gavin crashed within the first half hour of it … and then was up for three hours in the middle of the night.

      We won’t be home for Valentines Day so I had to make some of the crafts early for Carter’s Pre-K class.

      Finally a bribe worked! Carter checking out his new haircut in the mirror, giving me the “I sorta smiled, can we be done now?” look.

      The boys were watching a video of themselves from probably two years ago where they were in diapers only. They decided to shed their clothes and run around playing, laughing, and having a good time. This shot was not the mood of the night, it almost seems like it would have been taken long long ago based on their expressions. I kind of like how different it is.



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