This week was a toughie for me in terms of pushing through and getting the shots each day. There isn’t anything spectacular and I did miss a day, but I decided to post a second shot from one of the days I took multiple. I am going to give myself that leeway – not every week is going to be easy and I keep reminding myself at this point it won’t be perfect, it won’t always be awesome, but I will be forever thankful I did it. Because the imperfect really is way more perfectly us than anything else.


      • The fruits of his labor – Carter completed his first sleep chart, got ten dollars, and decided on this little lego set that he built in all of 15 minutes and played with for the rest of the week.
      • A 5am wake time makes for a cranky kid and a hope beyond hope that he takes a nap so that our day isn’t painfully full of melt downs. I found him fast asleep here, perched high atop of one of the giant bean bags in the play room.
      • Sometimes art needs to be taken outside.
      • As I was cleaning the downstairs I found this little beauty taped to the wall of the dining room. If you need directions, Carter is <— that way.
      • Photo cred for this one goes to Jeremy – he was messing with the video portion of my 5DMII and took a few photographs. I liked this one of Carter and decided to flip it black and white and use it.
      • Homemade Rosemary bread is DE-licious. Complete with witches boots standing guard for the little snitchers that live in our house.
      • My bonus photo – the mummy finally came out of storage (my best decoration EVER!). Carter is still deathly afraid of him (even though we took his head off to show Carter it is not real). Gavin however, LOVED him. And wanted to be the mummy by holding his head in place of his own.


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