Another crazy week down. Hoping Jeremy’s last business trip of the year is done and I won’t have to single parent until after the New Year.


      • We headed to Remlinger Farms this weekend with the boys to ride on all the kid rides and have some fall festival fun. I snapped this shot of Jeremy while the kids were on a ride. (Another blog post to follow with all the shots from the day)
      • Heeeeeere’s GAVIN! I decided to use two from our Remlinger visit this week – one of the photos I took this week was a quick, last minute, no thought at all shot. So I scrapped it and got one that made me laugh instead.
      • New Holiday Hair – Colored it dark and got some long bangs and decided to curl it this day … something new and fun!
      • There was incredible direct light coming through the trees in my bathroom around sunset. I had just enough time to grab my camera and fire off a shot before a cloud took the sun away.
      • This right here was pure bliss. I dropped off both kids at school and had a little time to kill before Costco opened. My first pumpkin spice latte, complete with autumn leaves and no children.
      • It was absolutely gorgeous out and we decided to take a walk. The fall colors are starting to come in full force.
      • Story time at the library! We met up with some of Gavin’s preschool classmates for story time this week. This is Gavin and his friend Lilly – I am pretty sure they adore each other given how she kept sitting next to him and he kept showing off for her. *Sigh* This is just the beginning with this one …


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