As we neared the end of October, there was lots of Halloween excitement and preparation. All that stuff means I am super late in posting!!


      • I never pass up an opportunity to take a photo of crazy eyes. Especially when it involves art.
      • We had a super fun play date with a classmate from Carter’s school this last week. Cora and her little brother Andrew came over to hang out (Andrew and Gavin will be in the same Kindergarten class) and we had an afternoon full of fun!
      • Halloween Cookie FAIL: I tried the royal icing to flood the cookies and it was waaaaaay too thin and wouldn’t set so a bunch of cookies bit the dust…
      • *Sigh* Madden season. The big boys started the Madden football league and at the beginning of the game everyone skyped so the wives could say hello, raise a glass of wine to one another, then leave the room cause we didn’t want to deal with those silly boys and their xbox fantasy football league.
      • Fall and winter in the northwest is rainy season. In the past I never really noticed it because I would go from parking garage to parking garage between work and home without worry. Now that I am home full time and dropping kids off outside ALL. THE. TIME. I researched some new rain boots. Of course I found out that Hunters were excellent. And expensive. That is until Costco carries them randomly. Jeana texted me she saw a post they were in stock at the Woodinville Costco where I saw an empty pallet under a Hunter sign not 24 hours before. I rushed to get them immediately and am so glad I did – in less than 24 hours that pallet was almost gone!! Now I have wonderful rain boots that WORK and are comfortable. Plus let’s not forget cute and stylish. And I love that I wrote more about my new boots than I do my own kids …. (HAHA)
      • Gavin had his Halloween party early last week – it was full of cookie decorating, games, and getting used to trick or treating!
      • I believe I was upstairs cleaning and when I came downstairs, someone found the markers. I think he was trying to look like a jack-o-lantern!