This week was the mad rush to Halloween and the sigh of relief for November.


      • Carter has access to a school math program that we try to have him work on daily. This means he is on our ancient laptop, which is a whole new worry because he can read so well. The other day I found him on Targets website looking at Paw Patrol stuff and I asked him how he got there. “I clicked on something that said Target and then typed Paw Patrol in the search bar.” Uh … you are only FIVE AND A HALF!!! Anyway, this is a classic photo where Gavin tried to sabotage his game that he was playing.
      • Meet Mr. Skull – crafted by Cindy. I found this on Pinterest and sent it over to Cindy to see if she could pull it off. I am sure she had a LOT of choice words that she called me while she pulled it together, but the end product was beyond awesome!!! More photos of all the crazy Halloween food can be found on this post.
      • Each week in Kindergarten someone is chosen as Super Star. They get to bring in a board of meaningful photos one day and then things to share. Carter was Superstar last week so I printed off 60 photos and just let him choose which ones he liked. For his sharing he brought Gavin, the Death Star (which got a LOT of attention), and a fun fuzzy Halloween stuffed animal.
      • We carved pumpkins! The one on the right is supposed to be Gavin’s Crazy Eyes … Jeremy did a great job with what I gave him. Trying to get a pumpkin to look like your crazy kid is not easy!
      • Fall is in full swing – I snapped this with my phone as we were driving home. This is our neighbors tree and the colors on it are unbelievable.
      • Because why wouldn’t you run around and play without a shirt when it is cold out? *sigh* Some battles just aren’t worth it.
      • The yummiest of cocktails that we have had in awhile – it is a Candy Corn Cocktail that not only looked awesome, it tasted delicious!