Wow. It was 22.8 degrees outside when we got up this morning. While the rest of the country is getting slammed with even colder, nastier weather, we were a solid seven degrees lower than what was forecast for our low. Eeek. Anyway, on to the photos from this last week – I am finally Carter heavy. I was sneaky and bribed a lot!


      • These two boys … I told them they could watch a show if I could take a photo. They gave me their cheesy smiles and then wouldn’t even look at me. *Sigh*
      • Carter is getting so big. And he hates it when his photo is taken. Good thing I was sneaky this week.
      • Making cookies at Grandma’s – Eating the dough. With raw egg. Well, we all survived childhood doing it, so it is a rite of passage.
      • Daddy made breakfast this weekend and it was steaming hot.
      • A cousin of mine posted a memory from his grandmother about Nut Rolls at Christmas. His grandmother and mine were sisters and the same tradition was passed down even though we lived on opposite coastlines. I realized I TOTALLY forgot that my mom used to make them for us on Christmas morning. So she and I hunted through her recipe box that she has had from the sixties and I found a bunch of recipes that I used to love from my mom and grandmother. The fun thing about the recipes shown is three were handwritten by my grandmother, one by my mother, and one by me as a kid – complete with circles for dots above the i’s.
      • Scooter riding in the fall!
      • Bad guys abound – Carter and Gavin were keeping watch outside to make sure that no one infiltrated the house.