Another week down. We braved the cold, had a guest for the weekend, and ticked off a big milestone.


      • Bath Time! This one loves his bubble baths and had a lot of fun trying to blow the bubbles on to me.
      • Notice something different? Would it be there are only TWO wheels on that bike?? Carter finally ditched the training wheels after spending an afternoon with his buddy from school who could ride a two wheel bike. Best part about this photo is the 12″ frame of that bike – his knees practically go into his chest when he rides!
      • We had Buddy Bear for the weekend! Carter’s Kindergarten teacher sends Buddy home with a student each weekend and we had to take photos with buddy and write in a journal all about what we did. Carter snuggled up Buddy to watch a brand new episode of Paw Patrol that he and Gavin waited for over two weeks to be on.
      • We have started introducing more complex games to the boys and this week it was Monopoly. Carter did great – he was able to read all the cards, he understood the instructions, we had him count the money (we kept it simple with rounding up to fives). Gavin … well, Gavin lasted all of ten minutes before we had to turn on a show for him to watch. He was more interested in making the train zoom around the board.
      • We took Buddy to breakfast at the Woodinville Café where Carter shared his pancakes and bacon.
      • Since it has been dry outside (cold … but dry), Jeremy started getting all the Christmas lights set up in the back yard. He bought a ton of them at the end of the season last year, so he needed a bit extra time to figure out where to put things. One of the decorations was a giant inflatable Mickey that we had to get a photo of Buddy on. The kids love the inflatables … because of this I tolerate them ;-)
      • Our furnace died. Then our gas fireplace wouldn’t stay lit. So I decided a really warm sweater and a fun knit hat where the best ways to keep warm this week. Thankfully we were able to get the furnace fixed and we think we need to just clean out the chimney for the fireplace to work, fingers crossed on that one…