More big milestones for Carter this week!


      • We had a play date with Ava from Carter’s class this week. She and Gavin posed nicely while Carter decided he wanted no part in taking a photo. Fun times around here with that… But Ava was so much fun and we can’t wait to do it again!
      • Crazy faces are all I get when I ask if I can take a photo. Part of me cringes, but the other part of me is wholly aware of the degree of blackmail I have when he starts dating MUHAHAHA.
      • Gavin started soccer this week! He did amazingly well – he was by far the smallest one out there and he listened to directions really well and tried everything that the coach asked. I was so proud of him!
      • Keegan and I finally made it out for a girls shopping day and had to take a selfie to celebrate some estrogen-only time.
      • Snapping along to his own song – Carter finally figured out how to snap his fingers.
      • The last two pics are from the same day because such a big thing happened so quickly … at first it is just a little loose, then after pushing on it all day …
      • … we have a big gaping hole! It is so strange to see him missing a tooth!