Christmastime is in full swing around here in this weeks installment of the 365 Project. Week49_365

      • Gingerbread house creation – Gavin decorated the roof and Carter decorated the sides.
      • He didn’t want his photo taken and hid behind a pillow. So I played a game where I would grab and throw the pillow out of the way while I tried to take a picture of his reaction.
      • During the week the boys can only watch educational television. Except December. I let them watch Christmas movies and these two are taking a little break to chill out to one.
      • Oh the things that I do … I realized late one night that I hadn’t taken a photo yet for the day. I tried to discreetly grab my phone to take a shot of the tv playing Charlie Brown Christmas. I wasn’t successful at the discreet part, okay, I wasn’t really discreet at all. Carter saw me, then ran and grabbed his new camera that was passed down from Grandpa to make sure he could, “Get some good shots too, mom.” The quality of this photo is crap, but it is awesome to watch my photog mini me in action :)
      • I love the Lego City Advant calendar. Too many cute things to play with each morning!
      • Here comes Gavin the Reindeer! This was day we went and picked out Big Bertha, but I kept coming back to this photo cause it cracked me up and no one had seen it yet.
      • Some fun snowman decorations – now we just need a blizzard outside!