A lot of firsts this week for the boys – the photos aren’t necessarily in chronological order this week.


      Exploring Korashan State Park on a nature walk – boys and rocks … they were throwing rocks into the river.

      Our first time playing mini golf! Carter did fantastic and wants to go back. Gavin melted down half way through.

      Someone likes Nutella on a muffin. And someone has to get that Nutella all over their face in order to complete the experience. It is almost like he is a new version of Rudolph with that nose.

      First time on an airplane – loved the light in this photo.

      Oh the sunsets here … they are spectacular. And the clouds with the reflection *sigh* it really never gets old.

      Packing everything up. I almost forgot to take a photo this day and realized as I was pulling together the last of my things that I needed one, so my new bathroom travel pack seemed like a good choice since I liked the pattern.

      A beautiful day at the beach, playing in the sand. This is straight out from where the condo is and the boys played in the sand for about a half hour before they got bored. We need to try again, hoping they last a little longer…