Uhhhh … Week 50?? Where has this year gone? And the weeks are flying by this time of year. Another busy one down!


      • A family photo from the Jingle Bell run! We don’t often get family photos, so it’s pretty awesome each time we can.
      • FINALLY got the Polar Express train set up around our tree. Feels a little bit more like Christmas now.
      • There was a dance at Carters school last Friday. To prepare for it, the sixth graders paired up with the Kindergartners to teach them all sorts of different types of dances. A cute sixth grade girl asked Carter to be her partner and he was so elated. He was only one of two kids to pair with an opposite sex partner. At the actual dance, the song they practiced the Jitter Bug to came on and Carter looked everywhere for his partner. When he spotted her, I encouraged him to ask her to dance and he shyly approached her and asked if she would. She smiled and agreed, my heart melted and my little boy passed another huge milestone successfully. It’s not every day you have the courage to ask a girl … and an older one at that … to dance. But don’t worry Heather – his heart still belongs to you! :)
      • Ahhh my mantle – the only place in this house that has grown up decorations. Where the kids can’t get them. Or at least haven’t found them yet to destroy.
      • We had a girls dinner at Grandma Cindy’s house this week and she had the BEST sign for Santa!
      • And here is Gavin at the dance – a terrible photo (I opt’d to leave the big camera at home and try to get something with my phone instead), but it shows him trying to follow along with the dance steps all the bigger kids were doing.
      • Better late than never! Finally got my Christmas cards pulled together, addressed and in the mail. It’s so funny that I always think I am going to plan ahead and get these amazing shots and do lovely prints and every year I have the “OH NO!” moment where I realize we are two weeks into the month and I haven’t done a thing. Guess it is tradition at this point!


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