A full week in Florida and we are loving the warm weather, the sunsets, and all our adventures!


      Date Night! Grandma and Grandpa took the kids over night so we could get a break. Had a wonderful day at the beach and an excellent dinner by the sea.

      Photos and Videos – so many photos and video! Lots of processing at night around here.

      Someone was not wanting to fall asleep. And thought if he hid his face we wouldn’t notice.

      The clouds had spectacular placement for this sunset – gorgeous as ever.

      The boys out playing on a huge sand pile at sunset here. I am loving silhouette photos with the light we are getting!

      We spend a few hours at Sanibel Island to see if we could find some sea shells. The four hour drive round trip (to go 20 miles) was not worth the two hours at a beach that was not as nice as the one in front of our condo.

      Ferris Wheels! After going on the Mangrove Tour we enjoyed the Seafood Festival and the kids had a blast on the rides.



      Really Nice!!! Specially your younger son’s expressions in this pic. If I am not wrong his name is ‘Gavin’.

      Hi Shoaib! Yes, that would be my younger son Gavin in all his silliness. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

      Hi Lisa! I think you might don’t know me, I worked under Jeremy, he has shared your blog link when he left on vacations.

      Ah yes! Jeremy has talked about you enjoying photography and also your new addition to your family. Take lots of photos, even if you aren’t at the camera you want yet – those pictures will be priceless in the years to come :)