Beach, sunshine, storms, alligators and more!


      I am going to name this gator Fred. I was probably about six feet away from him when I took this photo. Oh and there will be more of these coming soon!

      We went to Delnor-Wiggins State Park for an afternoon of sun and beach – the boys had a blast playing with their sand toys.

      Breakfast at a café! Gavin was trying to wait patiently for his M&M pancakes.

      While we saw some gorgeous sunsets from the condo, I only saw one moon set. And it was unexpected and stunning.

      Carter and Jeremy saw the Lego Movie so Gavin and I had a date day complete with cake pops and Build-A-Bear where Yoda Bear was born.

      We got to experience an east coast thunder storm one night and the next day was incredibly windy on the beach. We had to go check out the surf!

      Jeremy found the Tuckaway café that served amazing lattes and bagel sandwiches. They also had some cute signs hanging all around the little outdoor patio.