This week we made it back home! Back to the rain, the cold, our own beds, and the wrong time zone… And I missed my first day in this project.


      We traveled on the 19th. After getting up at 4:30am on the east coast, taking two flights with our kids to get to the west coast, waiting an hour to get onto a shuttle home, then having to drop off three people before us, well … a photo today just wasn’t in the cards. I took GoPro video for Jeremy out of the airplane window, but I didn’t take any photos.

      Now we are home and the boys were so very excited to have access to the xBox again. Not for games, but for Amazon Video, Netflix, and movie trailers from xBox Video. Because Everything Is Awesome!

      Someone also found their Clone Wars Captain Rex Halloween costume when we got home. He forgot how much he loved it. So he made sure to pose with the Mr. Potato Head hat for me while we were trying to clean up the bonus room.

      Carter’s reading exploded during our trip – I snuck up and took a picture of him reading the Magic School Bus book one afternoon. Again, another day, another time he had to put on his Clone Wars Captain Rex costume. And yes, every time he talks about Captain Rex it is “Clone Wars Captain Rex.”

      We have had a couple of nice days this week and we have tried to make it outside to play. This is a classic Gavin look as he tried to explain something and then starts laughing and say, “… because I was just kidding.” And he says this no matter what.

      Another nice day and we took a quick walk on the trail. And again, that is Carter in his Clone Wars Captain Rex costume again. Rest assured he has clean clothes on underneath it each day. But the costume is starting to rip in several places now…

      I had a lovely girls night out to celebrate my friend Jeana’s birthday. She got all of us roses “Bachelor Style” as a sweet gesture for making it out on a school night. Sending her wonderful birthday wishes and hoping she has a fabulous trip to Hawaii this next week!