This week was definitely one where I had to work hard to remember to take a photo.


      Bedtime has been tough lately with still adjusting to the time zone change. Some days Gavin falls asleep in the afternoon & then is a nightmare at bedtime. Other days he nods off quickly.

      We had some gorgeous spring weather this last week and spent a ton of time out in the yard. Carter is my wildlife hunter, looking for worms or ants or anything that moves in the dirt.

      The boys were playing star wars and I was able to catch Carter next to the back glass doors with his gun under him. I love the soft light that the south side of the house throws in the winter.

      Heading to my soccer game on the 520 Bridge across Lake Washington at sunset – it is always fun to see which side of the bridge has rough water. Then the Olympics off in the distance are wonderful (not a bad photo for holding my phone up and crossing my fingers it turned out).

      Date night! Jeremy and I went to see our nephew Ryan in a school play and had dinner at a little Italian restaurant prior. I had pancetta wrapped filet mignon with melted gorgonzola on top. Best. Dinner. Ever.

      Nice days mean gardening and spring! I re-potted all my geraniums in the green house and cleaned up our raised beds. This is a shot through one of our pergolas, showing the stone path to the greenhouse. I love my yard.

      Gavin was watching the birds today and capturing a reflection shot was too hard to pass up. He was so cute talking to them through the window.