We have hit 36 weeks (28 days left)!  How the heck did that happen?  Time seems to be just flying by and yet another week is complete.  Baby is now almost 6lbs and about 18.5 inches long – of course these are complete averages now, we won’t really know how well the baby has been growing until it arrives!

      This weekend is going to be a busy one for us – Ryan has been working on developing his "mad" soccer and basketball skills, so Saturday morning we are going to watch his soccer game.  After that we are heading to Tacoma for the Halbert Family Shower.  Sunday will be birthday celebrations for Dad and Kim (their birthdays were on Feb 7th) with cake and ice cream in the afternoon.  We are really looking forward to spending the time with the families!

      I am going to start on all the baby laundry on Sunday … trying to get blankets, sheets, and outfits washed and ready to go.  We need to organize the nursery a bit, as right now it is just a storage place for all the baby items and it is a mess!  I will take pictures of it after we get that done.

      I have also handed off 90% of my projects at work, so I am almost buttoned up there in case I go early.  If I make it to my due date, all the better so I have a bit more time to help out with questions that come up.  We really are almost there!