June 19, 2015

      Ah summertime. All my kids want to do is play video games. Yet Summer – you and I have come to a brilliant agreement where I feel good about letting them play. You see, the boys have to do four pages of a workbook to earn 30 minutes of video games daily. If they don’t want to put the effort into the workbook – no problem! That just means no video games! Best part is I am not the bad guy saying no … they understand that this is just how it works and the decision is completely theirs.


      They wake up at 6:30am and rush downstairs to complete their four pages so they can play. It got to the point where I added the rule that they are not allowed to play until after 9am (hoping this means they will sleep longer knowing they aren’t missing out). But they don’t.


      I am also going to have to order more workbooks to get us through the summer.