June 25, 2015

      First trip of the summer out on my parents boat. It was supposed to get into the high 80s and we thought getting onto the water might help keep us cool. Little did we know, there was zero breeze out there. And a red tide. We didn’t let that stop us from enjoying Mount Rainier out in all its glory. Carter learned how to row the dinghy and we beach combed along the shore.


      After paddling around in the dinghy all afternoon, we stopped at 7-11 for slurpees on the way home – this trick kept Gavin awake for the whole ride back. Nothing a little jolt of sugar can’t do, right (and that look on Carters face…)? We had to send the photo off to Auntie Kimmy and thank her for introducing the boys to slurpees (sigh … every time we pass a 7-11 they now ask to stop). :)