Quick post today to recap Carter’s 6 month check up:
      Height: 27.5” (77th percentile)
      Weight: 17lbs, 15oz (51st percentile)
      Head: 44cm (i think?) (50th percentile)

      Doctor was surprised that he was up and crawling – she assumed army crawl and when she put him on his tummy and he popped right up, she understood what we are truly in for. :)  Everything checked out great.  He can now start in on any fruits and continue on veggies. She said specifically around the holidays, pumpkin pie filling/mashed potatoes/etc is totally fine as long as it is puréed.  How fun is that going to be??  Only thing we have to avoid is protein/nuts and dairy milk.  He can have crackers/cheerios at 9 months and should be drinking up to 8oz of water each day, no more than 32oz of formula.

      I didn’t get photos of him this past weekend, but definitely will at Oktoberfest this coming weekend!!



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