We are down to the last week … except now I am convinced that I will likely be late, so we may be down to the last two weeks.  I feel too good to be going into labor anytime soon, so this is either the calm before the storm or I still have awhile!  My Wednesday doctors appointment reported no change, so I am still at 1cm dilated and 80% effaced., baby is growing too – I measured 37cm for my belly.  I think it is safe to say that Jeremy and my parents were a little disappointed that things didn’t progress … we are all getting antsy for this little one to arrive!

      I have another doctors appointment next Wednesday in the late afternoon, so I am curious to see if things are moving or if I have stalled out!  Right now my plan is to start doing everything that I can to induce labor after the doctors appointment this next week.  Lots of walking, gardening, bouncing on the exercise ball – anything that could help speed things up.

      So we are now at Week 39 and the baby could be over 7lbs and 20inches long!  I am starting to feel gigantic, so it is definitely growing.  I will take a photo next week on the day of my appointment to see if it truly is dropping or if I am starting to poke out more. 

      This week I figured I would be hitting major boredom at work since I have handed off all my projects.  HA – that was a funny thought that lasted approximately one day and then all sorts of things cropped up to deal with!  I thought next week would be nice and mellow and it is already turning out to be a series of half day or full day meetings.

      Quick shout out to Chloe, who turns 9 today!  Happy Birthday and we miss you like crazy!!!  Jeremy’s birthday is tomorrow and it looks like he will make it out safely without having to share it.  Next one to get past is Melissa’s on the 18th … should be able to do that!



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