Today marks Gavin’s seven month birthday – I cannot believe he is this old. Seems like yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital. Enjoy our list of favorite things over the last month:

      • Gavin is still the absolute easiest, happiest baby ever. I honestly don’t know what I did right in order to get so lucky.
      • He only is a little interested in solid foods – if he is super hungry, he will chow on them, but half the time he could give or take it.
      • In the last few days, Gavin has started to push himself into a sitting position easily – He is so cute when he looks like a little man sitting there!
      • I think Gavin could break inch-worming records with how fast he moves. Honestly at this point, I am seriously considering putting him in the baby olympics for the butterfly stroke ON LAND. He still doesn’t get his belly up off the ground with crawling, but man that kid can move!
      • He is trying to clap – Grandma has been working on pat-a-cake with him and he is starting to clap a little on his own in anticipation.
      • He is my snuggle-bug. When he wakes up early in the morning, I will go grab him and bring him in bed with me and he snuggles in and falls back asleep. Heart. Melts.
      • Gavin is a talker – he makes all sorts of cute baby noises and loves to hear the sound of his own voice.
      • He is starting to stand next to things a bit easier now without having jumperoo-syndrome (where he collapses his legs and expects a seat to catch him).
      • He completely zones out at "A Little Curious" on HBO Family. To the point where we turn the tv off immediately because you wonder if there are subliminal messages going on there…
      • Gavin LOVES looking in the mirror. I think he is channeling his Uncle Mark, who in high school used to look in the mirror and say, "God I’m beautiful!" Uh huh, that is what I had to grow up with… At least Gavin only smiles and jumps up and down at the cute baby looking back at him. In fact, my friends and I used to call Uncle Mark "Sasquatch" because when he got up in the morning, that’s pretty much what he looked like with his long hair. But I digress…
      • He adores his big brother and would chase him if he could. I anticipate the next couple of years are going to be REALLY challenging with the two of them duking it out.
      • When you’re not looking at him he stares at you for a while until you look back at him and smile, and when you do, his face lights up and he breaks into the biggest smile ever.

      And who wouldn’t love such an expressive little guy:




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