July 16, 2015

      Milestone one was today: Woodinville Garden Club pre-tour. I weeded as much as I could, got things as picked up as I could and then Jeremy and I embarked to house #1 of five on the Woodinville Garden tour (we were #5). We thought we were just going to tour the gardens with the homeowners, but we were greeted by 40+ garden club members as well.


      Each garden was so different – the first boasted mature landscape with pathways, decks, and a small wooded trail. The second was whimsical in nature, the owners being landscape designers so their own property consisted of plants they couldn’t fathom discarding from job sites. The third was like walking into a movie – the pool with pool house, lush french-style shrubbery that sectioned the different parts of the immense yard. The fourth was a gorgeous farm complete with horses, barn, chickens and cats – the garden brought all these elements into play with fun rock mosaics, birdhouses and more. And then our yard was one that was completely splashed with color from all the annuals I planted and our large dahlia selection (that thankfully bloomed early this year).


      We were told by the first home owners that we were very brave to put our garden on the tour – it took them over ten years of going to the tours before they even contemplated it. I told them ignorance is bliss – we had no idea what we were getting into! And it was worth it … the front of our house is so completely boring, but as you round the corner to the back, just hearing the collective intake of breath as people took in the arbors, firepit, waterfall and greenhouse. It made all the hours out there so worth it!


      So here are a few of the photos I snapped of others gardens along the tour. I didn’t take too many, we were busy chatting with folks to do much. But I did ask if house number three would adopt me ;-) (first photo is how I would like to do our raspberry patch next year, second photo is where I would like to live, third photo is a cute egg rock mosiac)




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