(*I added one more that I thought of last night)
      I cannot believe how fast time has flown by.  Carter is 8 months old today and here is a list of our favorite things:
      • He now will laugh without anyone prompting him – his sense of humor is developing
      • He looks at his books instead of just trying to eat them
      • He plays in the curtains and thinks it is hilarious
      • He "mouths" the glass (no other nice way to say that he walks up to the sliding glass door, opens his mouth and starts blowing zerbers & licking the glass)
      • He is such a happy kid – only cries when he falls and hurts himself or if he is hungry, smiles all the time
      • He is no longer fascinated with the tv – he looks for more interesting toys to play with
      • He will get frustrated when he is unable to do something
      • He now walks fairly quickly along side the furniture – as long as he has one hand to stabalize himself, he moves like you wouldn’t believe
      • He is starting to stand for longer periods without holding on – he still thinks that he needs to have a hand on something to steady himself, but yesterday he went for a good 15-20 seconds while holding onto a rope that pulls a toy (nothing that really did stabilize him, but he seemed to think it did)
      • He seems to have moved past the "Stranger Anxiety" and doesn’t freak out as much with people he doesn’t know – glad we got past that one quickly
      • *He and Lucy play together all the time now and she cracks him up!
      I also just realized I hadn’t posted any photos from this weekend.
      Titan in the screened porch – I was taking a photo of the snowy branches when he popped his head up, making a more interesting photo!

      The view across the lake when there was a stretch of sunlight on the hill



      Um, who is the cutest little boy EVER?!?  Love his new hat!

      Sledding like a big boy

      Daddy tossing him in the air

      My guys :-)


      Lisa, the photography is GORGEOUS! (And so is the baby!) ;-)


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