Where did the time go?? Carter is 8 weeks old today, very close to his 2-month birthday.  We have his 2-month check up at the doctors on Thursday and he begins getting his series of vaccinations.  We are now starting to get better settled into a routine where he eats around every 3 hours at night (sometimes 4) and every 2-3 hours during the day.  We are still trying to get nap-times to last longer where he is asleep in his pack-n-play.  He usually only goes for 30-45 minutes on his own there, but if you hold him or if he is in his swing, he can go as long as two hours.

      Some of my favorite things to mark the occasion:

      • His dreamy blue eyes (Go Big Blue!)
      • His long, dark eyelashes (those really should be reserved for a little girl)
      • When he is on his back, he kicks so long and hard, he could run a marathon (we are in for it once he is mobile)
      • He tries to hold a conversation with me when we are hanging out – his little coo’s and mini-yells are adorable
      • When he is just getting tired, he snuggles in to cuddle and fall asleep
      • When he is overly tired, he makes a lot of noise chomping on his pacifier and goes through his angry cry-yell
      • His ability to focus hard on people and objects – I wish I knew what was going through his little mind
      • When he is falling asleep, he will smile and giggle like he is having the best dream, then keeps one eye slit open (he doesn’t want to miss anything)
      • And finally, every time he smiles, my heart melts