July 18, 2015

      The big day. Over 500 people coming to look at our garden. It was crazy and SO HOT OUT. We got so many nice compliments about how our yard feels so livable and welcoming. We had people pulling up a seat to relax at the firepit, on the swing, around the table and on the deck. People were amazed that I was able to do the garden with two small boys and I let them know about the damage that our house suffered for it, haha. I also printed out all the bear photos I took and they were a hit.


      It was a lot of work to get ready for this day, but it was so worth it. I am so pleased with how everything turned out! Here are some photos I took of it (you will have to excuse the harsh shadows for this – we haven’t really had many cloudy days with even light where I can go take pictures … and that is not a complaint! And we have tried desperately to keep our lawn green … you can definitely tell where the sprinklers aren’t reaching!). Jeremy took some footage with the quadcopter that we will eventually post as well.