July 21, 2015

      Day three of our vacation and Jeremy took the boys to breakfast at a restaurant within the ranch. I rode my bike to meet up with them and found the most beautiful meadow with horses and didn’t have my camera on me, but Carter and I headed back there on our bikes in the afternoon after spending time at one of the gorgeous pools at the ranch. On our ride back we met Jeremy and Gavin at one of the parks with kid toys where the boys climbed the rock walls and Carter kept trying the monkey bars. <Half of these photos are with my phone, so some of the quality isn’t quite as great.>

      Day3BlackButte--7Day3BlackButte- Day3BlackButte--2 Day3BlackButte--3 Day3BlackButte-1748Day3BlackButte-1746Day3BlackButte-1782 Day3BlackButte-1777 Day3BlackButte-1774 Day3BlackButte2-1768 Day3BlackButte-1752- Day3BlackButte-1750Day3BlackButte-1799Day3BlackButte-1804Day3BlackButte2--6 Day3BlackButte-boysrockclimbing Day3BlackButte--5 Day3BlackButte--4