July 23, 2015

      Today I took probably the most incredible shot I have ever taken in my photography career this day. The situation was perfect … but of course there is a story first…

      We went back to the Sister Bakery for donuts this morning. The boys got donuts called pinecones that were larger than their heads! Gavin’s face as he was initially contemplating eating it shows how daunting that could be. Following our breakfast, we headed out to find skylight caves that Jeremy had researched online. Apparently the caves were not that far from the ranch, this should be a quick trip to get there. As we navigated these nasty bumpy, dusty service roads that kept going and going and going, my mood got worse and worse. I was pretty convinced that we weren’t going to find them and in the meantime, my poor car was taking a beating as we navigated terrain that was better suited to our truck. The kids were fighting in the backseat. Jeremy was stressed because this should have been easy and we took a wrong turn somewhere. And I was ready to just bail on the whole thing.

      FINALLY we happened upon the entrance and we descended a twenty foot ladder into an open area that branched out in separate directions. We followed an extremely dark and rocky cave (with wimpy flashlights) into another larger cavern area that had natural skylights coming through the roof. I am SO GLAD I now have a camera with a high ISO – my Mark II would have failed miserably in this situation. I cranked it as high as it could go and got some really fun photos of the boys exploring and then my money shot where I directed Jeremy into the light just so. It was magical.

      Here is where I am also beyond appreciative of my husband. He not only found this spot because he read that it was a photographers dream (he is right), he made us stick it out to get there.

      We ended the day with golf – Carter loved it and did great. Gavin had an epic melt down that Jeremy caught with the GoPro and we need to send to the golf network because it was so classic and funny. The boys loved driving the carts and overall had a great time trying it out.

      <For the geeky photographers – I had my ISO cranked up to 25600 and used Topaz Labs Denoise to handle the crazy amount of noise in the cave photos>

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