July 25, 2015

      Another fun day for us where we explored Camp Sherman and the Wizard Fall Fish Hatchery. We grabbed lunch at the Camp Sherman Store before heading to the hatchery and after eating we tried to get pictures of the boys by the Metolius River. Yeah … that worked well (*sigh* my kids never want to sit for photos). As we crossed the Metolius to go to the hatchery, we noticed the crazy blue of the water. It was gorgeous (and I am sure cold).

      The hatchery had several incubation ponds and an area where you could buy fish food and throw it in to feed the fish. The boys loved that part – all the fish would swarm and try to attack any food that came in. There was a lovely red dirt path around the largest incubation pond that we attempted to walk. Gavin decided to put his hands in the dirt and then on his face, so he was rocking the dirty kid look. Carter found some lovely daisy’s that he picked for me as well.

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