Now in single digits, we hit the 9 weeks to go mark, putting me at 31 weeks, and the baby is at 3.3lbs and over 16 inches long!  Given that I am carrying high, I have had several people tell me that usually indicates that you are having a girl.  Where I was once 80% confident that the baby was a boy … now I am not so sure…guess only 9 more weeks to find out!

      Jeremy is in Ellensberg this weekend hanging out with the boys (it’s about a 2 hour drive from us) and my parents are in California, so I am crossing my fingers that this weekend is completely uneventful.  When I realized the other day that I was going to be on my own, I immediately thought, "I am going to go into labor."  Thankfully there have been no signs whatsoever and I have Mark and Kim on standby just in case.  Jeremy keeps calling to check in after I reminded him a dozen or so times this week to make sure that he doesn’t pull his typical never-call routine like he normally does.  Now our running joke is to constantly ask if I am in labor or for me to tell him right away that I am not.

      So with a whole entire weekend to myself, what do I do?  I CARPET CLEAN!  Yes, as sick as that is, the white carpet in our house with our lovely pooch running around has gotten quite nasty and it was time to spend some serious hours giving it some love.  I completed the family room and the media room when I finally ran out of the cleaning solution and it looks SO MUCH better.  The whole carpet-cleaning kick started when we got a new white media cabinet for our family room and replaced the bookshelves with it.  Can’t have new furniture with nasty carpet, that violates some sort of rule of thumb out there… I will post new photos once the carpet dries and I can put the furniture back.

      We finished about 85% of registering last weekend.  Spent three hours in the store and then I got online on Sunday and spent another 5 hours or so researching things and updating it.  We still have a few things to add to it, but it is more or less done.  I think that we are going to paint the baby’s room next weekend so that we get it set up.  I am going to order the closet organizer and the changing table this weekend, so that will round things out for the big furniture (minus the glider).  I can’t believe that we are only about two months out!!!