Single digits – I always thought of that as a kind of milestone when I counted down with Carter. Now we are at single digits with K2 and I cannot believe how fast the time has flown by.

      K2 is still a crazily active little bugger, but after dropping, much of the activity has been lower and out my sides. A strange feeling when I am used to painful kicks in my upper ribs. This time around I have been increasingly uncomfortable – not sure if this is because I am trying to chase a toddler and am bending and moving in ways that are just not easy anymore or if it is because of how K2 is positioned that I am just uncomfortable. Regardless, I am heading to bed around 8:30-9 every night just so I can stretch out a bit because sitting all cramped up all day is starting to take its toll.

      And a quick change of topic – we may have some possibly excited weather this week, but of course it is too far out to tell and likely won’t happen because the weather people are watching it. If everything aligns well, we could be seeing a crazy snowstorm Wednesday and Thursday this week. Or we could just get rain. Anyway, I am psychotically obsessed with keeping an eye on it at this point. And of course, rooting for a blizzard!


      I think you are faking it. My brother has had the same size stomach for over 25 years and has not given birth yet.


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