August 1, 2015

      We headed into Seattle to see our very favorite family friend Heather perform in “Into The Woods” at the Seattle Childrens Theater. We headed in early to explore the Seattle Center and the boys lucked into free ice cream at some celebration by the fountain. They also tried to figure out what a crazy box-contraption was (hahha). We then took a quick walk through the new Artists At Play park, but given it was so hot and many of the slides were metal (even though they are covered … ouch), we didn’t stay very long. From there we headed to meet Grandma and Grandpa for dinner and then to the play.

      Heather was phenomenal in her role as the Bakers Wife – she has the most beautiful singing voice and I really can’t wait until she is my daughter-in-law. Carter has had a massive crush on her since he was three and not only does he refer to her as his girlfriend, at times he will tell us he is going to marry her! I snagged a few photos of her performing and then got a full cast photo afterwards. And then randomly a storm trooper came walking by and we HAD to get a photo with him! The boys were so funny about seeing him, so excited and they couldn’t believe it.

      Since it was so hot out, following the performance we headed to Molly Moon’s Ice Cream to get a sweet treat before heading home.  All in all a busy and fun day!

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