Carter’s Christmas Concert was snowed out, so the kids performed after the New Year for us. Posting the video for the grandparents (fair warning to everyone else – it is about seven minutes long). Carter is third from the left in the video, photos are below.

      Gavin was my lighting test subject before the show & his little buddy Levi was hamming it up as well:GavinBestBeginningsChristmasConcert-1

      The Grand Entrance:BestBeginningsChristmasConcert-6BestBeginningsChristmasConcert-10BestBeginningsChristmasConcert-12BestBeginningsChristmasConcert-14BestBeginningsChristmasConcert-Portrait-2BestBeginningsChristmasConcert-15

      Carter’s buddy Jackson is in the plaid shirt and his other friend Caden is on the right:BestBeginningsChristmasConcert-16BestBeginningsChristmasConcert-23BestBeginningsChristmasConcert-26BestBeginningsChristmasConcert-30BestBeginningsChristmasConcert-Portrait-1BestBeginningsChristmasConcert-42


      A very nice Christmas show on a warm Florida day here. Good photos and video.