The days are just flying by right now, I can’t believe all the changes in such a short time frame and we are continuing to get to know each other more and more.  Carter’s cone shaped head is almost not noticeable now (I think I was traumatized by seeing his little head after he was born – he was so worse for the wear!) and his clogged tear duct is now gone.  He still has a bit of a congested nose, but it is much better than that first week where we were having to squirt saline in it to see if he could sneeze out the blockages.  He is a lot more alert now, starting to make and hold eye contact and his neck is getting stronger by the day as he attempts to hold his head up.

      We had our nights and days mixed up again for about two nights and last night we righted them again.  I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of all sorts of different cycles like that where we will have a couple of good nights and then a couple of not so good nights :-) Jeremy and I are doing remarkably well on what little sleep we are getting and trying to enjoy this time as much as possible.

      Yesterday was a big day for the Little Snort – he attended his first birthday party for Cooper Hagg and slept through the whole thing.  We headed to Grandma’s house for a visit and then Uncle Scott and Cousin Melissa stopped by to see him.  Then Carter’s umbilical cord fell off!  I honestly didn’t know it was that loose, but after some tummy time, it worked its way off and now he has a belly button!  Another first last night – we broke down and gave him a pacifier in the middle of the night after he fed for about two hours and was still fussy.  Worked like a charm and he slept really well for about two hours.  Though today he is not so interested in it :-)

      We have some warm Spring weather for the next few days, so we are going to head outside for some sunshine and yard work (maybe!).  I will try to work on some photos tonight – with only about 2 hours a day for me to get things done, it makes it hard!



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