We are at Week 7 now and the baby is the size of a blueberry!  Little hands and feet are starting to push through and the baby’s eyes are already starting to develop some color (COME ON BLUE that stays blue!!!).  There is lots more info in that link if you are interested :-)

      I am still feeling great – no morning sickness and I am hoping that if I make it through next week, I will be in the clear on not having to deal with nausea.  The new thing this week is that I am having some crazy dreams.  I really should start writing them down, as they are pretty comical.

      My mom and I went to Babies-R-Us last weekend and I was promptly overwhelmed by all the stuff in there.  The amount of things you can have to prepare for a baby is frightening!  Someone needs to develop the "Quick and Dirty List of Essentials" to just make it easy on people.  I am sure that it is out there somewhere, I just need to find it!

      We are going to start taking pictures of me this weekend.  We will likely do them either every week or every other week (not sure yet).  I don’t really think I have gained much weight so far, but I can definitely tell that my body shape is changing a lot.  Our first doctor’s appointment is next week, so we are hoping to get a clean bill of health and learn that everything is progressing nicely.

      This weekend is Seafair, so Saturday Jeremy & the crew are heading out on Ian’s boat and then we are heading to the cabin on Sunday with my dad to do some dirt bike riding.  Nothing scary for me – just forest service roads and perhaps scouting out Trinity (I have never been up there).  Jeremy will likely post all the maps of the trails that we were on :)

      Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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