Oh this mama needed routine back this last week. Our break was lovely – filled with crazy chaos leading up to the holidays, then blissful nothingness following the holidays. But that bliss only lasts so long. Soon there is too much togetherness. Bickering started to permeate the once peaceful play time. We all needed breaks from each other and getting back into school couldn’t come fast enough. But now there is that transition time back into routine where different energy is being used and there is an adjustment. These transition times are often worked through with melt downs and tears, even when you are doing something fun.

      It wasn’t raining. It wasn’t freezing cold. The light was just slowly starting to dip into the hill, showing us those long winter shadows. So we ventured outside to do a little bike riding. One of us had a blast. The other, well, there were some tears and some drama.

      Biking-1 Biking-2 Biking-3 Gavin_20150106-AA5P4343-Edit