First week of the diet and I was down 4.6 pounds, but that was because I started it after a huge birthday party, so I am only going to say 2.6 pounds lost. It was slow going too – almost to the point of me saying enough was enough and I was going to abandon it and just calorie count. However, since I did trend down, I will keep sticking it out. Both Jeremy and I have gone through periods where we have been pretty hungry on it and we did have a pre-planned cheat day Sunday, so I didn’t weigh myself this morning.

      Three miles down, 171 miles of training to go. Dad and I ran our first three miles of our training program today along the cedar river. It wasn’t nearly as eventful as Scott’s run, where some woman asked him to call the police because evil people were electronically scanning her. He called 9-1-1 on her behalf, but she drove off.

      Gavin has had a persistent cough for about two weeks and over the weekend it seemed to get worse. I called the doctor this morning and we went in for a quick appointment and found he has a very mild case of bronchitis. His oxygen level is at 100%, but with the cough getting worse rather than better, we got a prescription to put him on for the next five days.

      I vowed to never let Carter touch my phone again and while we were at the doctors office I had pity on him and gave it to him so he could play a game. When I got it back, it was completely reset and everything on it was gone. EVERYTHING. When will I learn?

      Gavin is reaching for toys and grabbing them with ease now – this all happened in the last week or so. And today was his first back to stomach roll-over. Knew he could do it!

      And lastly – Happy 65th Birthday Papa! We missed a posting on the your actual birthday, but it was a lot of fun seeing extended family on Saturday!


      2.6 lbs in one week is pretty great – I hope you stick it out for the full 17 days to see what happens!


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