The sun was shining, I had “Mr. Tomas” coming over to clean and fix the pond/waterfall, and Grandma was coming to help with the kids for a day so that I could plant the ten flats of flowers, herbs, and veggies that were sitting on the deck.

      I was able to get all the veggies and herbs in and only a couple of the flowers. We ripped out the overgrown lavender along one pathway to make way for my geraniums and petunias – it looks so much better. I will see if I can find a before shot and will definitely take after shots. We hung my baskets along the arbors and it finishes those two spots off.

      We found deer tracks in two of the flower beds in the back, so we definitely have all the critters out there. I bought “Uncle Ian’s” Deer, rabbit, gopher and mole repellant to put around all our veggies so they leave them alone. Hopefully it works and if it doesn’t, I am calling Uncle Ian, hahaha.

      After seven hours of work, Mr. Tomas had our pond clean and working again. He set up four new lights – two aimed up at the waterfall and two aimed in the middle of the pond. He also fixed the few lights that were either out or broken throughout our yard as well. I had him take a look at the sprinkler system and we have seven broken heads and a broken pipe out front. We would need to have him come out a different day to get that fixed if we wanted him to.

      And the finale for our day – Uncle Mark, Auntie Kimmy, and the kids came over for a beer and we started up the gas fire pit next to the waterfall. As the sun set and the lights came on, our backyard looked awesome. I will get photos of it this weekend – I need to break out the tripod to be able to do the long exposures. But all we needed were some candles on the table and along the steps of the deck and my ideal lighting would have been like a magazine. It was the perfect ending to an awesome day!