I got this email yesterday from Jeremy and had to share it:
      So this morning, Carter was in an especially fun mood.

      He was playing by the curtains, and making lots of noise. 

      Then he got quiet.  I looked up from my computer and saw him smiling at me.  So I smiled back, and looked back down at my computer.  I looked up a few seconds later, and he had crawled to the couch (just a few feet), and was standing up, holding onto the couch.  He was still staring at me and smiling.  So I smiled back and said, "What?".

      His smile got bigger and he leaned slightly to one side and let out a loud, long fart.  Then his smile got even bigger, and he broke out laughing. 

      I broke out laughing too, because it was too funny, and then he squealed, turned a 180, dropped to the ground and started crawling straight for the curtains, laughing uncontrollably the whole way.

      So I jumped up to chase after him, and he ran straight into the curtains, and bonked his head on the glass door.  I made it over to him and grabbed him, wondering if he was going to cry or not, but when I picked him up he was still laughing uncontrollably.  So I hugged him for a minute, and laughed, and then he calmed down and wanted to go back to the floor to play.

      He definitely has a good sense of humor.

      Ohhhh, Boys.


      Thanks for sharing. It was almost like being there – very easy to visualize.


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