<Week 1 on Project 52 Is Posted>

      Carter FINALLY has a tooth!  I was giving him some smooshed up string cheese when I felt something sharp on my finger.  After some painful examination, I finally saw a little tooth popping through.  Poor little guy though – it looks like there may be two coming in on the bottom right next to each other, though one is definitely popping through now.


      He was NOT happy with me trying to pull down his chin and that photo is him wailing at me.  The white mound in the center of his mouth is where it is coming through and there is one just to the left of it as well.


      And now he won’t open his mouth for me.  Ever.

      This week was a busy one for us.  I had a mom’s night on friday and Ian, Todd, and Mary all came over as well.  Saturday we had a play date with Ava – Janielle (Ava’s mom) will be doing our daycare while my parents are heading south for the next four weeks.  Saturday afternoon we ran a bunch of errands and got Carter all his big-boy plates, bowls, sippy cups, and utensils.  Oh – I also finally got the entryway bench that Costco refused to carry for the last eight months.  They finally got it back in and we now have a place to sit and put on shoes.

      Today I ran seven miles and it felt like Spring outside.  It was so warm and lovely that Jeremy, Carter, and I headed out for a walk right after I got back from the trail.  This week is going to be busy again – soccer on Monday and Friday, Ava’s second birthday party on Saturday, and Nana and Papa return from their trip to India on Sunday.  And that reminds me!  Chip, Sandy, and the kids are going to be moving back from India soon.  Depending on when the new visa laws go into effect, they could be home as soon as February (or as late as June).  We can’t WAIT until they are back!


      Kati will have to guard her nylon chew bone from that gnawty guy.