Tuesday Grandma made her way up to the cabin (Grandpa has some medical appointments and headed up Wednesday after them). Before Grandma got here, we took a walk through the forest service land behind the cabin. Carter loved running on the path, with me running in front of him trying to get photos (as you can see below).

      We headed to the beach after Grandma got here and Carter LOVED playing in the sand. Thursday we tried to go back, except the winds had picked back up to the point of being blown away. We let Carter play on the slide and he went down the BIG slide all by himself (it is about twice as large as the one in the video). We came back and played in the inflatable pool instead for the afternoon until Grandpa got here.  Carter squealed and about jumped out of his chair when he heard the motorcycle pull up.

      We ate our dinner on the porch and it was absolutely lovely outside. The temperatures have dropped into a more comfortable range (70s to low 80s), so we will likely be spending a lot of time out on the porch for the rest of the time up here. Grandma, Grandpa, and Daddy are all out riding the motorcycles this morning and we are planning on heading into town this afternoon, so it should be a busy and fun day!

      Here is Carter checking out the sticks:


      There were helicopters flying to the lake to get water for some forest fires – Carter kept looking up for them:


      A downed tree ended up unexpectedly framing Carter:


      He is such a happy walker – it was hard to get photos of him on the move though, he kept running too fast!


      To put it in perspective, he is still really little in the big forest:


      Taking a little break:



      Gotta agree. Little Guy in a Big Forest very good.

      Great photos. I love the one of the little guy in the big forest. I hope the rest of your vacation goes smoothly.


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