Today was all about travel. I ended up setting my alarm for 3:45am because I was paranoid about missing my 7:30am flight. It’s been awhile since I have travelled internationally and I wanted to allow plenty of time at the airport to deal with everything. It ended up with me and Waldo having a cup of coffee for two hours.

      The flight was on time (actually a little early) and uneventful, except for the landing. There must have been a tremendous amount of wind because I leaned into the person sitting next to me as a natural reaction to try to shift the weight of the plane because I was pretty sure we were close to flipping. Thankfully we didn’t. And I had to apologize. It was a gorgous morning to fly out of Seattle – the mountains were out in all their glory.

      Its always fun to watch messages load on your phone after being offline. You see these little snippets of information that either make you smile or make your heart stop. When a snippet text from Jeremy came through with only, “Miami airport is closed” I think you can imagine what was going through my head. (Jeremy had a business trip in Miami and we were meeting up in JFK and then flying over to Milan together). Thankfully it was only an hour delay and he arrived 20 minutes after I did and about three gates down from where my flight was.

      I got this great video of his plane taxing in to disembark and that is when I lost Waldo. I was hurrying over to get to Jeremy as he came off the plane and forgot about Waldo balancing on my bag. Poor Waldo … you will make some other kid happy. I just know it.

      We had an hour before we had to board, so we grabbed a glass of wine and tried to both relax a little – dealing with flight delays is always super stressful. Even when you are on time, it is always stressful.

      We get to our gate to check in and find out that we aren’t sitting together. We didn’t even think to look at it because we booked and selected these tickets over six months ago. Somehow I got bumped up into Delta “Comfort +” section of the airplane and when Jeremy looked at available seats and found one behind me and asked if they would mind switching his so we had a better chance of asking someone to switch so we could sit together. They graciously upgraded him at no cost and when got on the plane, both people we were sitting next to wanted window seats. Oh well. At least we were upgraded!

      The flight was super bumpy – disconcertingly bumpy. They warned us prior to it happening and based on what the person I was sitting next to said (she is originally from Lake Como and makes the trip home often), this happens a lot. I got a few hours sleep, Jeremy did not. By the time we reached Milan we were both excited, but a little rummy.



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