We hadn’t been over to my parents in awhile, so this week I packed the kids up and we headed off to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the morning. Every time we go to their house, the kids rush in and ask for a bagel. When we haven’t been to their house in awhile, Gavin will ask me, “Go to Grandma’s and get bagel?” I think that he doesn’t realize bagels come from the grocery store – he just thinks Grandma has them.

      Anyway, bagel in hand, we were out looking at my mom’s garden when Grandpa and Gavin took off into their back woods for a small hike. I particularly love when Gavin tried to rip Grandpa’s nose off. I was bummed I was in flip flops so I couldn’t follow them into the woods with my camera, but I got a few shots from above as they walked around. With a bagel.



      I love that just Grandma has the bagels. Priceless. What a nice day you had!

      Very nice photos of a fun day,
      – Grandpa –