I have been terrible about tummy time with Gavin. With his broken clavicle he really wasn’t supposed to do any for awhile. Once we got the green light, he hated it. HATED it. Screamed and cried the entire time, hated it. Soooo I didn’t push it, but we tried a couple of times a day for a minute or so. Then it was like a break through happened where he was holding his head up by himself so much better and for longer periods.

      So today we did a little tummy time on the ottoman and he was SO CLOSE to rolling over. He didn’t mind it for the first minute or so, but then he started screaming and getting mad and almost pushed himself over.

      I bet in the next week he is rolling over regularly. Scary part – if he does figure it out in the next week, he is doing it even earlier than Carter did. Do you think if I chant “Please be mellow” over and over again, he will stay the wonderfully mellow kid that he is?