Meet Juliette. She was born on March 11th, 10 weeks early. She only weighed 3 pounds, 6 ounces and had a long fight ahead of her to overcome a heart condition,  lung disease and an immature teratoma that completely blocked her airway. Her parents told her story via a Facebook Page where they were able to keep friends, family, and new acquaintances up to date through all the highs and lows that you tackle when you have a premature child. I checked there often as she continued to fight and was amazed and elated at how she grew stronger over time. Juliette was finally released to come home on July 29th, roughly four and a half months after her birth.

      I had the privilege to meet this lovely little girl the third week of August. She is a sweet little thing, who was so quiet and happy that it melted your heart. She would look around in wonder at everything surrounding her and it made you realize just how precious life is. She is simply amazing.

      Juliette still has two more open heart surgeries ahead of her and if you are interested, I recommend “liking” her Facebook page to get the updates on how she is doing. And now some photos of Jules!








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