When we started this, our list was a mile long and nasty looking. Today we had stagers come through and the photographer here and our list is down to a manageable couple dozen small things left. What I thought was next to impossible at the onset of this decision we have now achieved – our house will be going on the market Friday!

      This week was crazy. We had the carpets cleaned on Saturday and asked them to clean the grout in the kitchen as well (we have tile counters). Grout looks awesome, except the cleaner took off the stain on the wood edges around the counter. Lovely, now more work for us. After talking to their quality control specialist, I negotiated getting a stained grout seal if we dealt with sanding and staining the wood. Not what I wanted to do, but the counters look amazing now. Monday we had a professional window washer come in and clean all the windows inside and out, as well as clean our gutters. Again, looks SO MUCH BETTER.

      And yesterday I worked side by side with our house cleaner for six hours yesterday deep cleaning the entire house. And now I am exhausted. Really exhausted. But we made it and only have a few things left to do.

      We have an open house scheduled on Saturday and then start our own house hunting adventure on Sunday. I will post the professional photos of our house once we get them from the photographer and in the meantime, everyone needs to send us some good  house-selling mojo.

      We made it!


      Hope you get the “Mo”, Joe