Happy New Year! New Years Eve was a blast – we hung out with some friends, rang in the New Year, stayed up way too late, and then on New Years Day we headed to Nana and Papa’s house for a wonderful Prime Rib dinner and family time. So I am just now finally getting to this post – the one I have been thinking about for quite some time. And it is a post without photos *shocker*!

      Every year I set New Years Resolutions – last year I made only one. To use our formal dining room more. Did I do it? Why yes I did. Almost every time we had more than four adults over for dinner, we headed in to the dining room. Will I continue to do it? Yes! It was nice to have a space where we were not crowded or sprawled out across the kitchen.

      This year I have a much more aggressive list – I am writing it here to document it so I can call BS on myself next January 1st if I didn’t accomplish what I am setting out to do. So here goes:

      • Complete a 365 project “A Year Of Moments”: Trying to make this attainable – one photo a day, posted compilation of all seven photos at the end of the week. When I did daily thankfuls in November, the hardest part was remember to get a photo up daily. Trying to make this attainable by only posting the photos once a week instead. It’s all about setting yourself up for success, right?
      • Let go of the TV & read more: I watch a lot of crap tv. Lately I have been finding that I just don’t really care about it anymore. There are a handful of shows I really enjoy, but I would rather spend the time working on photos or reading. So I am eliminating anything that I don’t look forward to watching each week. Plus Netflix or Amazon always ends up with the shows and if I find at a later date I “have” to watch something, I can catch it there (it’s all about the mental game with letting go, right?).
      • Do something new with the kids at least two times a month: I am guilty of getting stuck in a rut with the kids – in the winter we spend a lot of time inside at home. In the summer we spend a lot of time outside at home. I need to push myself to get out of it and I know the boys would absolutely love it too. And I think they might behave a little better if we are somewhere new, haha.
      • Get healthier: This is a fairly broad one with smaller components to make it up – My range of motion in my knee is still not great, so I want to start stretching daily to increase it. I need to try to sleep enough each night. I got a new fitbit watch and will attempt to get my 10k steps daily. And of course I want to fit back into my smallest pair of jeans (not necessarily attain a specific weight, just fit back into my jeans. The holidays have been a little too generous this year, haha).
      • Set my photography business up: While I am licensed, I still have lots to do. Figure out a logo, set up a website, I won’t go into all the details here, but I need to spend the time and focus on this. I can do it instead of watching TV, haha.
      • Remember to enjoy the little moments throughout the year: This one I am going to need to constantly remind myself of. The boys will only stay little for such a short period that I want to make sure that I stop and soak in those moments that are fleeting. Like this morning when Gavin wanted to eat his breakfast while sitting on my lap. Instead of getting frustrated because I had things I needed to do, I sat down with him and snuggled while he ate his breakfast. I took in how he wanted to fit into the curve below my chin and how he settled back against me and sighed in contentment. I closed my eyes and breathed in all that was that moment. I need to do that more.

      Initially I wanted a list of no more than three things, but as I started writing my goals out for the year, I realized that all of these were important to me. So here goes … 2014 is going to be a great year!


      Don’t forget the “Spoil Dad” resolution