Yup, still nuthin.

      Saturday I decided “What’s the worst that could happen? I could go into labor?” when looking at all the things I could do with my day.  So the windows REALLY needed to be washed and off I went – inside in the whole house and the bottom floor outside.  When that was done, I sat there looking at our backyard and what a mess it was from the fall and winter … leaves everywhere.  Again, my mantra, “What’s the worst that could happen? I could go into labor?” so I grabbed the blower off the shop vacuum and spent the next four hours cleaning up the backyard.  It was a great idea from the standpoint of getting the backyard cleaned, but I haven’t done any sort of exercising in ooooo, about six months.  When I finally came in and took a shower, I couldn’t move I was so sore.  If that doesn’t induce, I give up. 

      Well, would this be considered nesting?  I am thinking about it more in terms of trying to help speed up an “exit strategy” instead.

      Tomorrow we have our doctors appointment and last night I woke up pretty much every hour – not sure if I was having contractions, but about 4am I started having back pain (where I hadn’t had any prior to that).  Over the last 24 hours or so I have slept a lot, so I am hoping that is a sign that things are starting.  But who knows at this point!  Everyone needs to keep their fingers crossed that the attempts to induce tomorrow work :)


      Can’t wait to hear! I am cheering for you!

      Good luck Lisa!

      Fingers and toes are crossed!


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