We had our very first doctors appointment yesterday and we finally got to see our little guy for the first time!  Leading up to the appointment, it was all nerves for me – you know everything is okay, but there still is that tiny corner in the back of your mind where you fear finding out that things are not.  Thankfully we got a clean bill of health and we both got to meet our little guy!

      Many thanks to Denise on the doctor recommendation – we both loved him, especially because he looks like Einstein.  He answered our questions thoroughly, was extremely realistic about everything we spoke about, and was a genuinely nice guy. In fact, the whole practice was lovely – the nurse we started with came out to see our ultrasound photos as we were making our next appointment and everyone was very excited for us.

      The ultrasound experience was amazing – for the last week or so, it has felt like I have been "faking it" because I really have not had any symptoms.  My irrational fear was to get into the appointment and have them tell me that I was mental and am not pregnant.  But when we started the ultrasound – its amazing how quickly that fear washed away.  Here we were, seeing our baby for the very first time and watching this fast little flash of light that was it’s heart beating.  The doctor said the fast heartbeat was a sign of good health, so that is encouraging.  Given how quick it was going, I think it’s name will go from Rambo to SpeedRacer (not sure if Todd will let me get away with that).  The baby measured 1.17cm from head to tail – you can see the scanned photo to the right that we got to take home :-)

      Our new official due date (from time of conception) is now March 20th.  According to the measurements they did on the ultrasound, (based on it’s size) the due date is March 24th.  We are actually about a week behind in the baby development section for the emails that I get and link to, because our conception was late in the third week, instead of late in the second week.  So this week is the blueberry week (week 7) and I will show the updates at one week back now (will start week 8 next week instead of this week).

      I think this is where it finally set in for Jeremy too – being able to see the little guy made it real and not something that I was making up!  We both walked away awe-struck over the experience … it was truly amazing.



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