Jeremy has been so busy processing video and I am just now getting to our photos. What I am quickly discovering is that we are in the water a LOT and I tend to not bring my camera with me. Or if I do, it is just the point and shoot and I am running around after kids. I am okay with that, I would rather be experiencing my vacation versus worry about camera equipment and documenting it. Plus the GoPro is just awesome, so I don’t need to do as many photos for the water activities.

      Day One: Our first time on an airplane. I said before that the kids did great – they were so awesome and everyone around us was very impressed by how well behaved they are. I am so proud of them – it makes me realize that with all the ups and downs that we deal with every hour, at the end of the day, they are really great kids.

      One thing to note – the airplane ride didn’t phase them. I think Jeremy and I were more worried about how they would react and they just looked at us and basically said, “Can we play with our tablets yet?” Best investment ever: Samsung 7” tablets – we loaded movies, games, etc. on them and the batteries lasted the whole trip. The photo of Mount Rainier below was taken by Carter – I have flown a LOT in my life and I have never seen the mountain out that magnificently before!


      After spending the night at Koreshan State Park with my parents, we played on the playground and headed on a nature walk and to a historic site. The small house is the Conrad Schlender Cottage. The vegetation was amazing and the boys though the turtle was pretty cool.


      The condo we rented is amazing – we have Gulf views and a gorgeous sunset every night. We are right on the ocean and so we needed to hang up a Wilson jersey for Super Bowl! We were loud throughout the game and I am surprised we didn’t get in trouble. It was so much fun to see the Seahawks finally get the title!


      We finally took the kids out to the beach to play in the sand. They like the pool better, but here are a few shots of them having fun in the water.